About EMS

EMS was created with the desire to offer a complete service to our customers. We are specialized in different sectors, amongst which we want to highlight:
  • Automotive and transport industry
  • Renewable energies
  • Mechanical construction
  • Furniture and urban furniture
  • Decoration (profiling)

We offer an integral service that allows the optimization of the production process of our clients as well as all kind of projects, including the supplying of the finished product.
The cooperation of our engineers in the development of the projects, in addition to our technical and innovation policy, provides high quality products. We also have a highly qualified human capital as well as a flawless service in delivery times. We have succeeded in fulfilling all needs and requirements of our customers in national and international markets (France, Germany and Poland).
With a turnover of 15 million, EMS has its headquarters in the main industrial zone of Barcelona surroundings. Barcelona is based in a privileged location thanks to its network of highways, international airports and ports. Its excellent situation allows Barcelona to offer an effective and fast logistic service to Europe.

“The result of a business is a satisfied customer” (Peter Drucker)