Profiles and stamping division

The company is the result of a high dedication and effort of a great workforce, with a continuous spirit of overcoming, with more than 30 years of great experience in the sector. Our policy has been ingrained since our beginnings: “If the client is satisfied, we are satisfied”.
Our Engineering Department combines the experience with the latest technology in design and simulation in the process of profiling and stamping. All this allows us to develop competitive and reliable products. To take care of this reliability we have a Quality Department with great experience and technologically equipped that submits the products that we manufacture to strict quality controls.

  • Technical metal profiles
  • Bending of profiles
  • Cold stamping and self-drilling nuts
  • Welding of threaded elements

We actively participate with the customer in the development of the product from the initial design to the final series production, giving advice and possible solutions to problems that may arise in the different phases of the project, offering an integral service.

Technical office

We have a technical office where we study the machining, machinery and perform new product development.

Production capacities
  • 8 forming machines equipped with all the existent provisions in the market.
  • 12 press moulds to perform finishing to the profiles or their stamping.
  • 2 bending machines to reach the required geometry.
  • Forming machines up to 22 stations with capacity of forming profiles with developments up to 280mm, 2.5mm of thickness and up to 12m long.
  • Press moulds up to 400Tm equipped with winders, feeders and presses.
  • Materials that we can transform: steel with all its finishing (galvanised, electro-galvanised, pre-lacquered…), stainless steel in all its qualities (AISI 430, 304, 316), and finishing (BAP – polished and laminated, BA – matt, frosted, satin…), brass, aluminium. For all other materials, please consult.
  • Bending machines of 2m x 1.5m able to bend up to 2.5mm of thickness.
  • Batches: we have great capacity of adapting to our customer needs and we offer a personalized service to each client. We estimate the minimum batch in 1000m.
  • Delivery times: our delivery time is usually 30 days from the reception of the order, but we can adapt the schedule depending on the customer needs.
  • Every delivery is guarantee certified.
  • We apply traceability to our products.

“The result of a business is a satisfied customer” (Peter Drucker)