Tube division

Tube division has been devoted to made-to-measure cutting and machining service for iron and steel industry products for more than 25 years. It is a pioneer and leader in its field thanks to its high production capacity and its diversity of production systems. Tube division cuts and mechanize all kind of tubes and profiles. Its 9000 m2 facilities are located 15 km away from Barcelona.


Cutting, shaving, washing, granulating, polishing, joining and mechanized piping of all types of steel, with round, square, rectangular and oval sections.


Steel and metals.


Tubes and profiles.

Technical office

Our laser tube division is part of a limited group of companies within the sector holding the Quality Control Certificate ISO 9001.

  • Maximal length: 12 meters
  • Annual production: more than 15000 tube tones a year
  • Facilities: 9000 m2
Production capacities
  • 3000 m2 production zones
    12 cutting and mechanizing lines
    75 Tn/day of finished product (more than 15000 tube tones a year)
  • 1000 m2 raw materials storage area
    1 automated warehouse system for 6000 mm bars with 350 Tm capacity
    1 automated warehouse system 6000-12000 with 2500 Tm capacity
  • 500 m2 finished product storage area
    1 modular shelving system for pallets with 300 spaces.
    Loading and unloading system for all kind of trucks, shipping containers, pallets…
  • Cutting dimensions: from 8 to 500 mm
  • Cut lengths: from 3 to 12000 mm
  • CNC machining dimensions: from 12 to 300 mm
  • CNC machining lengths: from 10 to 14000 mm
  • Laser dimensions: up to 225 mm
  • Laser lengths: up to 12500 mm
  • Tribofinishing dimension: up to 140 mm
  • Tribofinishing lenghts: up to 300 mm
  • Deburring dimensions: from 10 to 30 mm
  • Deburring lenght: from 120 to 1200 mm

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